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An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a high-level postgraduate degree that focuses on key business practices and prepares graduates for successful business careers. It’s the same academic level as other master’s degrees, but an MBA distinguishes you from other graduates and represents your deep business and professional knowledge. Most MBA courses last two academic years, and students can expect to cover topics such as leading and managing businesses, creating business advantages, and furthering their professional management skills. Students are evaluated using a range of assessments from written reports and essays to oral presentations and case studies and can also expect to gain professional experience through work experience or large projects. 

Within the MBA distinction, there are numerous kinds of MBA that you can earn depending on your past experiences as well as your career goals.

Types of MBA

General MBA

Perhaps the most common type of MBA, a general MBA, or simply MBA, is a great option for students who have at least a few years of relevant professional experience and are looking to take their career to the next level. The course covers a variety of business skills that prepare graduates for careers across a wide range of sectors, and like other MBA programs, students have the option to add additional modules to address their interests or career goals. 

Executive MBA

Executive MBA, or EMBA, programs are designed for students who have significantly more experience, are already in senior management positions and are looking to progress to executive positions. In addition to the courses covered in a general MBA program, EMBA students will go more in-depth into leadership skills to prepare them for C-Suite and boardroom positions. Since these students are working full time and often have other commitments, EMBA programs are designed to be completed part-time outside of working hours.

Specialist MBA

For students looking to work in a specific industry, a specialist MBA is a fantastic option. These programs provide more in-depth training for the knowledge and skill set necessary for a particular industry and include specialities such as digital marketing, banking and finance, supply chain management or leadership. Students will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain a degree that is incredibly relevant and aligned with their career goals. 

Distance Learning MBA

Similar to how an EMBA program is designed to fit around the schedule of business executives, a distance learning MBA program is an excellent option for students looking to study while still working and attending to other commitments. Distance learning programs allow students more flexibility but still provide the same rigorous education. While these programs are all about providing students with flexibility, there are often a minimum number of hours you’ll need to be able to commit to your studies each week. Students can find both distance learning and online MBA programs, so no matter your specific needs, there’s a program out there for you. 

MBA without past work experience

Most students who enrol in an MBA program have spent at least a few years working and gaining professional business experience, but this isn’t required in order to earn your MBA. In some cases, it makes more sense for students to begin their MBA directly after completing their undergraduate degrees. These programs are designed for students who don’t have professional experience and help them gain the knowledge they would’ve gained on the job in the classroom. 

Who should study an MBA?

As outlined above, most MBA students have at least a few years of professional experience and already have an understanding of the business world. The coursework is rigorous and challenging, and these programs are definitely not for everyone. As these courses are designed to help individuals become effective business leaders, many students begin an MBA program once they feel confident in their current role and ready to progress to management and leadership roles, but the course can be incredibly valuable at any point throughout your career. It is important to note that for specific programs, such as EMBA programs, there are often requirements about how much professional experience students must have prior to applying to ensure they are able to complete the course successfully. The majority of MBA programs simply require students to have an undergraduate degree and an interest in business or the specific industry the program focuses on. 

Why study an MBA in London?

London is home to some of the top universities in the world as well as a number of major global businesses. This means that students will get a world-class education surrounded by industry experts and also have access to these companies to gain experience and potential employment after graduation. 

Professional Network

Students also have to ability to connect and network with industry professionals and create connections that extend to major companies around the globe. 

For many international students, studying in London is an excellent option because its universities provide students with high-quality education and a degree that is recognised worldwide as one of the most valuable business degrees. Whether they hope to stay in the UK after graduation, return home or move to a new country, with an MBA from one of London’s many accredited MBA programs, they can.

Choice of courses

There are three major MBA accreditation bodies, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the EFMD Quality Improvement System, and London is home to multiple universities that are accredited by all three, which is no easy task. 

Unforgettable experience

Another benefit of studying an MBA in London is simply getting to experience life in such a famous city. No matter what your career goals or which specific program you choose, studying an MBA in London will significantly further your business knowledge and skill set as well as increase your chances of getting a pay rise or promotion. For anyone hoping to pursue a career in business or already doing so, an MBA is a great next step and doing so in London is guaranteed to be rewarding for many reasons

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