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Best Travel Apps London

We know you’ll want to be making the most of your time in this city. So, we’ve compiled a list of what we’ve found to be some of the best

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How to Ace a Video Interview

These days, as part of the application process for a job, an interview might be offered in video format rather than in-person. This is the case with the first interview

Careers Advice

How to Make your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

You may be wondering how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out… keep reading to find out more. During the application process for a job, an employer will most likely

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Cheap Day Trips from London

This guide will take you through some of our favourite cheap day trips from London to further afield. From well-established tourist spots to lesser-known hidden gems, there’s something for everyone

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Why study Information Technology in London?

An IT (Information Technology) related qualification is an invaluable one, and increasingly so. Most organisations either have their own IT department or will be outsourcing the work to other organisations

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Part-Time Jobs for Students in London

We understand that London life can be expensive and you might be looking at getting some part-time work to see you through. We’ve put together this guide on what kind

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Things to do in London for Students

Whether you’re studying in London for only a few months or even for a number of years, you’ll probably be wanting to make sure you get a bucket list of

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Why Study Business in London?

Why Study Business in London? There is no better place to study business than the capital of the UK! A business-related qualification can get you prepared for entering the world

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How to Put a QR Code on your CV 

It’s difficult to pack everything onto your CV that you’d like an employer or recruiter to consider. One or two sides of A4 doesn’t give you much room for selling

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How to write a CV with little experience

It’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling a little lost after graduating – employers are asking for relevant experience, but how do you gain that experience without being given a

Undergraduate degrees

Best Courses to Study in London

Every year, London welcomes new students who are looking for an exciting new city to study in. The city is famous for its fascinating culture, unique architecture, and endless lists