Why Study Business in London?

Why Study Business in London?

There is no better place to study business than the capital of the UK! A business-related qualification can get you prepared for entering the world of work across a huge range of areas within business such as procurement, marketing, analytics, HR, logistics, finances, and many more.

You might want to focus on one particular area so that you have the advantage of having specialist knowledge, or, you may want to go for a course that covers a wide range of business knowledge so you can really hit the ground running once you’ve graduated. Either way, London offers a whole host of exciting business opportunities for graduates. 

If you’re a student with a passion for business, London is an exciting place to be. Being home to the headquarters of a huge number of international corporations, it offers access to business globally.

Here are just a few of the reasons why London is one of the best cities to study business…

Powerful Business Hub

Famously, London is known for being home to economic hubs across various sectors with great connections to the rest of the world. There are more than 200 foreign banks across the city, for example. The financial district in Canary Wharf is vast, and retail and the creative side of business is also booming in the city.

Business is as strong as ever in London and there is always a need for business graduates across all areas for many sectors within the city. Completing a business-related course here is a great way to kick-start your career in business – with London offering wonderful work experience opportunities, graduate schemes and more, the opportunity to gain practical experience here while building a network of industry contacts is huge.

International Network

If you choose London for a business course, you’ll be studying alongside students from all over the world. It’s a place where everywhere is welcome, and that is mirrored across the universities and places of work. It means that there is a good understanding of cultures, and people are generally keen to learn about each other. London is famously a real melting pot with an incredibly diverse population. 

By completing a business course in London, you will have the opportunity to communicate with that hugely diverse range of people – and most importantly, you’ll be making business connections from all over the world before you’ve even started work.

Plus, having an awareness of other cultures will be immensely beneficial for your career, wherever you might end up, and especially if you plan on working in international business. Having experience with speaking to and working closely with people from many different cultures, backgrounds and abilities will also mean you can bring values of inclusivity to you’re the workplaces you end up in.

Language of Business

If you want to get into business, being fluent in English is famously a huge advantage. So, if English is not your first language, what better way to work on your fluency than by studying here. Having your lessons, coursework etc in English will, of course, be invaluable for this. But what’s more so is the conversations you’ll be having with the people you meet through your course and those you meet socially. Making friends and connections with native speakers is the best way to truly pick up a language, with all the idioms and quirks included. 


Fast Paced London Life

You only need to take a walk near Bank on a weekday lunchtime to get an understanding of the fast-paced working environment the professionals of London are a part of. There’s a real buzz which is a driver for lots of people.

London life, in general, is a hive of activity. Even if you don’t plan to start your professional career here, studying here will mean you get to experience the unique energy the city has to offer. Inspiring museums like the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, and many more, are free entry for everyone – and tickets for special exhibitions will often be highly discounted for students. London also has a huge amount of green space with beautiful and peaceful parks across the city. 

With its 18 universities, the city is home to more universities than any other city in the UK – which means you’ll be surrounded by other students exploring what the city has to offer too. The parks, cafes, libraries and co-working spaces welcome the droves of students that arrive each year. London really is quite a unique place to spend your time studying – soaking up the culture as well as enjoying the vibrant social scene alongside your studies.

Starting Up your own business

Of course, mature businesses thrive here – but as well as that, know that around 200,000 London based start-ups are opening every single year. New business tends to thrive here because of the city’s vast network of business people. There are always networking opportunities available. Just have a look at the networking events running around London on Eventbrite currently. 

So, you never know when you might meet that investor you’ve been looking for or that person who can lead the kind of team you need for your business idea.


London Qualification

London is recognised by the rest of the world as not only being the centre for business, but also for its educational standards. So, by gaining a business-related qualification in London, it might give you a real advantage over others when applying for jobs across the world.

London has been ranked the best city for students in 2022 by Topuniversities.com. There are more than 30,000 courses on offer in the capital – so if you’re thinking of studying business here, there are plenty to choose from.

UWS (the University of the West of Scotland) for example, offers a 1-year Business Foundation Programme in London as well as MBAs in more specialised areas like Project Management or Logistics