TEG Club Student Terms & Conditions

By registering for TEG Club to be able to participate in all social and cultural events held off campus, the student automatically acknowledges agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Students are to behave in a respectful manner with all staff members. There will be no form of physical contact with any member of staff outside of a professional manner. Any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate/sexual in nature
    will not be tolerated and is against the law. Subsequent actions may be reporting to local authorities and disciplinary actions by the University.
  2. All registered students of UWS (University of the West of Scotland, London campus)/members of TEG Club are not permitted to contact any member of staff on his/her personal mobile numbers or social media accounts. Any student that
    wishes to speak to a member of staff (TEG Club), needs to do so through business channels (TEG Club social media accounts, TEG Club email account, TEG Club WhatsApp account). The aforementioned also includes any requests to follow/befriend a member of staff
    on his/her personal social media accounts.
  3. All trips, excursions or activities organized by The Education Group (London)/TEG Club, are only for students who are enrolled on programs at the University of the West of Scotland, London campus. This does not include any spouses,
    partners, friends or dependents of the aforementioned.
  4. All students who sign up to attend any event organised by TEG Club will provide their full name, Banner ID number, mobile number as well as an emergency contact to the Education Group (London), staff. Any information provided
    to the Education Group (London), will be held on computer and hard copy and used by the Education Group (London), in accordance with its Data Protection registration and the UK Data Protection Law.
  5. Any excursion/event held by TEG Club off campus, students are required to show proof of identification as well as proof of registration to event and as a registered student of UWS London.
  6. Permission is automatically given by the student for the use of student comments or opinions and images or video of students in TEG promotional materials by the student. If a student does not wish to have their comments or image
    in marketing materials by TEG Club, they should make this clear to members of staff beforehand.
  7. All participants agree to follow any instructions, guidance or briefs given by staff members of TEG Club/The Education Group (London). TEG Club/ The Education Group (London), will not be liable for any injury directly or indirectly
    caused to a student if said student did not follow guidance/instructions given by members of staff.
  8. All TEG Club/Education Group (London)/UWS students must have appropriate accident and medical insurance. Insurance to cover personal property, breakages, loss and damage
    is advised.
  9. The Education Group (London)/TEG Club, will not be liable under any circumstances for any failure to provide services whatsoever if that failure is caused directly/indirectly by industrial action or by circumstances beyond the
    control of The Education Group (London)/TEG Club.
  10. TEG Club reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any trip, excursion or activity planned as required. These circumstances may vary and will be dependent on a case-by-case basis, but staff members will ensure they notify students
    in a timely manner when possible.
  11. Any damage caused by a student towards TEG Club property or at excursions outside of campus, whether intentional/unintentional/accidental, may be charged to the student/students’ responsible.
  12. TEG Club shall take a common sense and proportionate approach to any risks posted by any off-site activity. TEG Club will ensure that any providers of activities or transport are appropriately licensed and aware of the type of
    event being held by TEG Club for registered students of that particular event.
  13.  TEG Club will not be liable for any extra costs incurred by the student for transport or anything outside what is advertised by TEG Club on being provided to the student free of charge. Any additional expense in connection to
    any off-campus event will be by the students’ own funds.
  14. If any dispute/situation that arises outside of current Terms & Conditions, the final decision of action will be left to the Directors of The Education Group (London).

Our Commitment

TEG Club is provided by The Education Group (London), who are committed to making a difference in students’ lives whilst studying at UWS London. WE believe that a variety of extra-curricular activities play a key role in not only forming well-rounded individuals ready for different live challenges, but also in creating lifelong memories and friendships.

Your Responsibility

All TEG Club activities are free of charge to its registered members whilst student is registered at UWS London. To take full advantage of this opportunity and not deplete TEG Club’s resources, please ensure you participate responsibly by following our attendance rules.


  1. Listen actively and attentively when a member of TEG Club staff is speaking.
  2. Respect TEG Club Staff members and fellow peers whilst on campus grounds, travelling to and from an event and whilst participating in any group activity. This includes aforementioned forms of interaction stated in points (1. and 2. above in typed Terms & Conditions section).
  3. Do not behave in any derogatory way and conduct yourself accordingly whilst being involved with any activity or event.
  4. Any behaviour that goes against TEG Club’s code of conduct/T&C’s will be documented and said action will be counted against said student by TEG Club and may be reported to the University dependent on the behaviour.
  5. Any behaviour that continues to disobey TEG Club’s T&Cs in any way will result in students’ membership being revoked. This will entail not being able to participate in any activity off campus.

Attendance Rules

  1. Only register for activities or events that you are interested in and intend to attend.
  2. If registered to attend an event, please ensure you check in with a member of TEG Club staff on arrival to help facilitate in keeping track of numbers of attendees and provide TEG Club staff the appropriate information to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all those in attendance.
  3. If for any reason you cannot attend an activity/event you have registered for, you MUST inform a member of TEG Club staff no later than five business days prior to registered activity/event off campus. This will ensure that TEG Club staff members are able to allow other students who were interested in said activity/event the opportunity to register and take the place of those that are no longer able to attend. Please be aware that all activities/events organised by members of TEG Club have limited numbers of students that may attend and not informing members of staff that you will no longer participate takes away opportunities to other fellow students.
  4. Failure to withdraw from any activity/event without proper advanced notification will count against the student. Any student who has registered for an off-campus activity/event and has failed to notify members of staff prior 2x, will be blacklisted and said student will no longer be able to register for any off-campus activity/event. However, students blacklisted will still be able to attend any workshop, lecture or activity on campus.

What to Expect

All registered members of TEG Club will be able to participate in all activities or events outside the above as much as she/he would like (dependent on availability). This includes any career development, workshops on campus events and sports activities.

If any portion of the above Terms and Conditions is not accepted by any student registering for TEG Club, said student is to inform a member of TEG Club staff to have their registration withdrawn.