Postgraduate Entry Requirements

UK standard academic entry requirements

Before you apply for a postgraduate degree course, please check the entry requirements to ensure you are able to study. 

In most cases, our postgraduate degree courses will require you to have an undergraduate degree from a UK institution or equivalent. There are standard minimum academic requirements for admission onto any postgraduate degree course, as well as specific entry requirements for each course. Applicants should therefore check the specific entry requirements for the course they are interested in.

For specific courses, applicants are expected to demonstrate good levels of literacy and numeracy. It be may be required to hold high school passes in English or Mathematics. 

We welcome applications for postgraduate study from across the world (EU and international non- EU students) studying a wide range of international qualifications.

Our entry requirements for international students need an equivalent qualification to those advertised on each degree. Equivalences can be found using the UK National Recognition Information Centre.

English language requirements

Find out more about English Language Requirements for our courses.


Application guide

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