Campus Resources for Freshers

Anticipating your first day, week, or even year of university can be daunting; once you arrive on campus for Freshers Week, you will discover that your university has pulled out all the stops to help you find your feet and discover all the campus resources you will need during your time as a student. 

Campus Resources for Freshers

Whether you’re an international student heading to your campus from overseas or your hometown is just a stone’s throw away from where you will be studying, you can rest assured that every student need can be catered to on campus. 

After enrolling in a course and accepting a place, you will receive an information pack with everything you need to know to start and continue your studies smoothly. Student Services teams also run virtual getting-to-know-you chats, global hangouts and quick question sessions, which are perfect for finding answers to any burning questions about your university life before arriving on campus.

During Freshers week, and for the first few weeks, you will be introduced to all the campus resources for Freshers via a series of university-wide induction programmes; it is highly recommended you attend so you can make the most of the resources and your time at the university.

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Freshers Week at the Students’ Union

Freshers Week is the perfect time to head to your Students’ Union; you can ensure you are informed about all of the upcoming events that you may want to participate in, discover student-run societies you may want to join and sign yourself up for volunteering opportunities that align with your career goals, passions and interests.

The Students’ Union is also one of the best places to find practical support and assistance, develop and practise your skills, or hang out with your fellow students; it isn’t just about hitting the Student Union bar! Student Union Advice Services are also highly committed to providing free, impartial, and confidential advice to freshers during their first weeks as a student.

Student Unions and associations often hold networking events and invite topical speakers to make guest appearances on campus. While some of these events and workshops are programme-specific, others, such as wellness workshops, will benefit all students on campus. 

Freshers Week Meet and Greets

The welcome and induction programmes will be your best opportunity to get to know and network with various members of your university community. In addition to meeting your fellow students, you will also have the chance to meet academic faculty members.

Socialising with so many people may be daunting while you are still finding your feet and finding your way around the campus, but making the most of these opportunities will help you develop connections that can enhance your university experience far beyond Freshers Week. University-wide and programme-specific meet-and-greet sessions are designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible to ensure every attendee can hone their socialising skills!

Support Services for Freshers

As soon as you become an active student, you will have instant access to a range of free support services from your university. During your induction week(s), you will be informed how you can arrange appointments with the following services: 

  •     Funding Advice 
  •     International Student Support (ISA) 
  •     Multi-Faith Chaplaincy 
  •     Disability Support 
  •     Counselling
  •     Careers Guidance 
  •     Placement Services 
  •     Entrepreneur Support 
  •     IT and Library Support
  •     Academic Skills Development

If the support services outlined above aren’t equipped to resolve your queries or provide the support you need, your student hub should be your first port of call for referrals to specialist services or signposting.

Campus Wellbeing Facilities for Freshers

The vast majority of UK universities are highly committed to helping students thrive, and their support doesn’t end when you step out of seminars or lectures. Universities can provide a range of well-being facilities and services that students are welcome to use as soon as they enrol in our courses. 

For students who are struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression, many universities offer counselling services provided by trained and qualified professionals in addition to general welfare support. Your university may also be able to enrol you on a free self-guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) course, which will help you to create healthier coping mechanisms, bolster your emotional resilience, limit the risk of academic burnout and diminish the symptoms of general anxiety disorder and depression. 

Freshers will be introduced to the various wellness resources and facilities during Freshers Week; many universities help students to stay active and healthy by offering free gym facilities or discounted gym memberships. 

Students sitting on the lawn at UWS London campus

International Student Support

International students often require different support services than home students, which is why all UK universities have International Student Support advisors on campus; you will have the opportunity to meet with them during Fresher’s week and book one-to-one appointments during the length of your course.

International Student Support advisors can advise on everything from student immigration to Tier 4 visas to travel and financial advice. They can also arrange short stays with British families to help you settle into the UK, help your relatives visit you while you study, and inform you of your rights to work in the UK.

Personal Tutoring

In most universities, during your induction week, you will be allocated a personal tutor, who will typically be a lecturer on your course; this way, your tutor will be best placed to answer your questions relating to your degree. Your first meeting will take place early in your first term; following that, you will meet at least once each term. Keeping in regular contact with your tutor is a great way to ensure you have all the support you need to achieve the grades you are capable of.

Academic Skills Support

During your induction week, you will be informed of all the academic skills support services available at your university. Academic skills advisors cover a broad range of topics, including critical thinking skills, time management skills, essay writing, and effective learning skills. 

The one-to-one and group workshops are also highly recommended to students who need help brushing up on their presentation, grammar, referencing, and software skills. There are also specialised services available for any students with additional learning needs.