What jobs can you get with an international business management degree?

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What jobs can you get with an international business management degree?

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, international business professionals are at the core of making today’s networks of global business possible as they expand. The work of international business will require specialised knowledge in various fields such as economics, management, law and language. Studying an international business management degree will set you up for an exciting, lucrative career where your skills will always be in demand.

Career options

Natural career paths following an international business management degree:

Career paths where you will have transferable skills:

Many employers will accept applications from students that have studied various degrees. 

Work experience

An international business management degree will provide you with the necessary skills for a diverse career with global opportunities across various sectors and industries. However, having work experience before applying for a role is valued highly by employers, especially experience in a business environment. 

If you are seeking a role that is international, you will need to demonstrate a keen interest in learning about different cultures. This can be shown through a gap year, volunteer work abroad, learning a foreign language etc. However, while you may want to work for an international company, this doesn’t necessarily need to be abroad. You can work remotely but still have an international client base.

Typical employers

While there are many opportunities available to international business graduates, they do tend to find employment in sectors closely related to the degree including marketing, sales, PR and finance. Common employers might include: 

  • Banks
  • Management consultancies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Technology companies

London has many international opportunities available to graduates. While their HQ may be based in London, there will be opportunities for international travel. It’s worth following international companies on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as they will often advertise early career opportunities to those wanting global experience.

How to enhance your CV

Throughout your degree, you will learn about different countries and cultures and how they operate and the skills needed for successful business communication in those environments. You will develop various in-demand skills that are valued highly by employers, such as:

  • Appreciation of cultural differences
  • Communicating with different audiences
  • Critical thinking
  • Planning and management
  • Problem-solving
  • Research and analysis
  • Teamwork

Your course may include a year’s working placement where you will experience growth and development within a supportive environment. or even work or study abroad. This will help you to demonstrate your commitment to your career, cultural awareness and curiosity, as well as your ability to be flexible. 

International business covers a broad spectrum of skills. You do not need to know which area of business and management you want to specialise in; you will figure this out as your progress with your degree and as you gain industry experience.

Further study

It’s not common for international business students to go on to further study. However, some will opt to do a Masters – although work experience is generally required before being accepted to one of these programmes. 

A popular choice amongst international business students upon graduation is to live and work abroad. This will provide you with invaluable first-hand insight into what a global career would entail and what will be required of you to be successful. You may choose to study a specific field within business such as innovation or digital marketing. 

What are international business management students doing?

Most international business management students have found employment in a specific field within the world of business such as sales, marketing, finance and HR. However, your degree will have equipped you with the transferable skills to follow various career paths and is one that is recognised highly by employers.

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