The Ultimate Guide to The Best Girls’ Night Out in London

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Girl's Night Out in London

Planning a girls’ night out in London? You’re in the right place! After a long week of classes or a busy week at work, there’s nothing better than having a memorable night out with your girls. Getting fully glammed and putting together the perfect outfit is just the beginning. Next, you’ll be sipping cocktails, dancing until your feet hurt, and singing karaoke at the top of your lungs. Really, what could be better? Thankfully, London has one of the best nightlife scenes on the planet with so many uniquely themed bars and eccentric clubs. With so many to choose from, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best spots in the city. Grab your best girlfriends and start planning your girls’ night out in London.

Mixology Events

Why not start your girls’ night by playing bartender for each other. Mixology Events will host your group and teach you all how to make your favorite cocktails. You’ll have a brilliant time mixing drinks for each other, and you get to enjoy your cheeky creations throughout the class as well. These classes are offered virtually or in person. They’re definitely a fun group activity that will get you warmed up for the night’s festivities. You might even learn a thing or two for your next hostess gig at your flat.

Tonight Josephine

Tonight Josephine is a fiercely feminine cocktail bar that is an absolute explosion of pink and ripe with Instagrammable photo opportunities for you and your girls. Suppose you fancy a night of dancing to girl power anthems and sipping cocktails. In that case, any of Tonight Josephine’s 3 locations are the perfect spot for your girls’ night. With bars in Shoreditch, Waterloo, and Birmingham, you may just need to try them all!

The Comedy Store

Going to a stand-up comedy show is the perfect activity if you’re looking for a night that’s loaded with laughter and a little lighter on the drinks. The Comedy Store is a great palace to see the best in stand-up comedy and you can even grab a pizza during the show from their diner.

Barrio Bars Shoreditch

Barrio is the perfect spot for a night filled with Latin flare. This Brazilian-inspired cocktail bar serves a wide array of signature cocktails and some classics with an exciting Latin twist. Expect to dance late into the night as Barrio boasts some of the best nightclub DJs. You’ll be able to take some phenomenal photos in the tropical covered yard or with any of the eccentric Lantin inspired decor inside.

Ballie Ballerson

Girls’ night should be fun and carefree, so Ballie Ballerson had the brilliant idea of creating a bar complete with a massive ball pit for that added touch of childhood fun. Better yet, Thursday nights are Throwback Night. All the music and even the drinks are packed with nostalgia for a night of ridiculous fun. The retro bar, neon signs, and the ball pit itself are all photo-ready for that perfect Instagram shot. 

Swingers London

Swingers is the perfect place to enjoy some crazy golf and delicious street food all under one roof. This is a great spot if you’ve got any non-drinkers in your group since the main activity is the unbelievable courses. If you are looking to get some cocktails, they’ve got a promotional package called the “All Set” that has everything you need for the most memorable girls’ night. You and your ladies will have unlimited drinks for 2 hours, a sampling of delicious street food, incredible desserts, and your very own reserved area in the most theatrical crazy golf courses you’ve ever seen. Swingers has been nominated as one of the “Best Experiences” by GQ magazine, so you and your squad definitely won’t be disappointed.

Girlfriend Clapham

Girlfriend serves up expertly crafted signature cocktails in their luxurious and laid-back setting. You’ll be dying to snap stunning photos of each other on the crushed velvet booths with your Instagram-worthy garnished drinks. Every inch of the pastel pink room is stylish with floral and gold accents. The elegant decor and the cozy lounge vibes make it the perfect place to dress your absolute best and enjoy their 5pm-8pm Happy Hour with your girlfriends. 

Little Nan's Bar

You don’t need to wait until nightfall to really get the fun started with your hen party. Little Nan’s Bar is a whimsical little tea parlor with some wildly eclectic decor and a ton of quirky personality. This unique bar hosts award-winning Boozy Brunches and Afternoon Teas, where you can dine and drink with your besties before the sun goes down.

Pergola Paddington

Pergola Paddington is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy cocktails in London under twinkling fairy lights and stunning views of the night sky. It’s a lovely spot for you and your girls to feel like you’re getting a little escape from the city as you’re surrounded by the endless greenery on the walls and ceilings. They offer classic cocktails as well as seasonal selections, and you can enjoy fantastic food from their four restaurants. This is a more casual spot, so it’s perfect for those more low-key nights.

clueQuest Escape Room

Team up with your secret agent besties as you work together to solve clues and complete your mission. clueQuest is one of the UK’s top-rated immersive escape rooms where you’ll have 60 minutes to work as a team to solve the puzzle of your room. Choose from a handful of high-stakes scenarios and get ready to feel like Charlie’s Angels as you work to stop the evil villain. One of your options is Operation BlackSheep, where you’ll be infiltrating a command center to destroy Professor BlackSheep’s mind-control device.


We love a fun night of dancing, but sometimes you just want to ditch the heels and have a fun night of wild activities with your girl gang. It’s time to grab your bowling shoes or lace some up ice skates for an absolute laugh with your girls at Queens. This venue has year-round indoor ice skating, 12 bowling lanes, and retro arcade games. They’ve also taken beer pong to the next level by letting you choose any drinks of your choice to play with, like your favourite cocktails or some bubbly prosecco.

With so many options to choose from, you can really set yourself to have the ultimate girls’ night out over and over again. We hope that you found this guide helpful and that some of these will become your new favorite spots in London to have some memorable nights with your besties.