Best Podcasts for Students

Best Podcasts for Students

Best Podcasts for Students in 2022

The term “podcast” was invented in 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersly in a newspaper article for The Guardian. He suggested ‘podcasting’ as one of the names for the emerging media type. While streaming was already a popular phenomenon, Ben pointed out that without any internet you didn’t have access to the content. Therefore, podcasting was created to form a downloadable version of streamed content. 

Podcasts in their modern-day form can range from motivational stories to conversations that make you laugh out loud. Anyone can create their own podcast and share it with the world. Podcasts took storm during the lockdown and have become a core part of modern culture with “have you listened to so and so’s podcast?” becoming a regular topic of conversation. There are now over 2 million podcasts available and finding your groove with which ones you like best can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Whether you’re looking for a podcast for the commute to campus, while you’re cooking dinner for your housemates or as you study for your next exam - there really is a podcast for every occasion and they’re not just great entertainment, they are great for education too! 

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Business Podcasts

  • The Time Ferris Show

Entrepreneurs are known for preaching the gospel of after work hours and not logging off before it’s dark. Tim Ferriss offers something different; how to get ahead of life without having to sacrifice the rest of life. His bestseller, The 4-hour Workweek, was published in 2007 and completely changed our approach to work. In his podcasts he delves deeper into this, dispelling business myths and offering practical tips and advice on how to exceed in a cutthroat and extremely demanding business environment. In each episode he explores and deconstructs world-class performers from industries including business, art, sport, investing etc, to extrapolate the tactics, tools and routines you can use to make you a better person in whichever industry you are in. The Time Ferriss Show is constantly ranked #1 on Apple podcasts for business and is well worth a listen.

If you are looking for some extra study and to further your business knowledge outside of lecture halls then the $100 MBA Show is the one for you. From business students to thriving entrepreneurs, this podcast resembles a virtual business class for everyone. It’s simply a masterclass in everything business-related. So if you’re wanting to get ahead of your classmates, this could be an easy way to do so!

Covering every topic you can imagine, TED Talks is one of the most entertaining and loved podcasts there is. Whether you want to hear people discuss starting out a business or growing their business to a multinational conglomerate – you will be spoiled for choice. You may also want to listen in to the helpful advice provided by the experts on asking for a raise, leaving your job for a competitor, or just improving your workplace communication skills. This podcast is sure to set you up for success and confidence at work once you leave university. 

The Diary of a CEO is hosted by 29-year-old Steven Barlett, who grew a multimillion-pound business from his bedroom, Social Chain. In this podcast, Steven gets together with recognisable faces to discuss his own and his guest’s backgrounds, experiences and learnings. Getting into the nitty-gritty of exactly what took the famous faces to where they are today. Steven gives a peep into what it’s like behind the scenes, all the highs and lows and the secrets that nobody knows about becoming an entrepreneur. 

Hosted by Youtuber and creative entrepreneur, Sara Dietschy, That Creative Life features candid conversations with artists and business professionals discussing the likes of finding the perfect work-life balance, how to make your business a success and building a business that balances creativity and business success. 

Previous guests have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Roberto Blake, and Thomas Frank

Philosophy Podcasts

  • The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC Radio 4’s, The Infinite Monkey Cage, is a witty, irreverent and unashamedly rational look at the world according to science, hosted by Professor Bryan Cox and Comedian Robin Ince. In this podcast, they cover all sorts of weird and wonderful topics including the apocalypse, space tourism and the science of cooking. If you need a science fix, then this is one for you. 

While the podcast is taking a short pause on recording there is still a bank of archived episodes that are available on Spotify, Apple Music and the like. 

Philosophy can be like looking into a black hole and it’s very easy to get lost and confused along the way. Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King’s College London takes listeners through the history of philosophy ‘without any gaps’. Adamson looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of both major and lesser-known philosophers throughout history in a way that is easy to follow and to understand.

We’ve all been there trying to explain something to your friend you wholeheartedly believe is true but have absolutely no idea where you got the information from or whether it has any rational basis. In this podcast host, David McRaney puts an entertaining spotlight on the stupid beliefs that make us all feel wise. 

This show explores issues like how you think you are making rational decisions based on your cool, detached logic – but you’re actually not, you are actually deluded, but that’s all part of being human. This lighthearted podcast is sure to make you laugh out loud and make your brain tick until the very last minute.

This is a podcast show about curiosity. The host of the show cover topics from brain injuries to the story of Henrietta Lacks. 

On each show, a host of different voices from topical experts are included where they ask the ‘big’ questions and used investigative journalism to get to the bottom of them. The hosts focus on topics of a scientific, philosophical, and political nature and attempts to approach broad, difficult topics such as “time” and “morality” in an accessible and light-hearted manner.

If you want to learn crazy facts about science that you can take to a night out with your friends or to dinner with your family, then you’ll love Discovery. Produced by the BBC, past topics include the reason we dream, how to use chemistry to bake the perfect cake and the discovery of plate tectonics. 

Self-improvement Podcasts

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  • Jocko Podcast

If you are looking for motivation, then Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL officer, is here to save the day! In this podcast, Jocko interviews elite leaders and performers where they spill the beans on the ways you can better yourself. You’ll learn how to perform under pressure, lead with confidence and work as part of a winning team – all the skills necessary for the world outside of university halls. 

Jocko also touches on military strategy and history and will share insights on how military-grade leadership and discipline helped him to succeed.

It really does matter when you’re a student! If you need the low down on how to manage your finances, how to pay off your student loans and avoid more debt and become financially independent and free – then this is a great place to start. 

This podcast gives you the inside scoop into everything you need to know on personal finance including advice on renting vs buying a home, the basics of investing and how to make money through a side hustle. This podcast is a great way to become financially stable and learn the tips and tricks that might bring you in some extra cash. 

To end on a perfect note, The College Info Geek Podcast really is the best podcast for students. From doing your laundry to ensuring better grades and paying off your student loans, this podcast features in-depth, actionable advice and tips for students in all areas of life.