Partnership Announcement: Sindusfarma

TEG joins forces with Sindusfarma

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Sindusfarma, the largest representative organisation of the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. 

This is a hugely exciting partnership that will offer scholarships for all Masters and MBA courses starting in January and May 2023. (For undergraduate courses, the discount applies to the first year of the course.)

This is a fantastic opportunity and exclusive service for Brazilian students (Sindusfarma associates and family members) looking to experience studying abroad in London at a top UK university. This exceptional discount will allow students to not only experience university at a fraction of the price, but provide support, mock classes and workshops for students to get a taste of studying in the UK!

Why we’ve decided to team up

First and foremost, we share the same values and culture. Our joint vision that brought us together is our shared love of education and the power of learning. Education is vital for the development of the pharmaceutical industry and Sindusfarma provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to study in the UK, where your degree will be recognised and respected around the world. 

“Sindusfarma understands investments in education as the basis for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Professional improvement is part of its mission. In this context, it develops a permanent work plan by offering workshops, lectures, forums, and educational partnerships with great institutions like University of the West Scotland.” Says Fabio Moreira, Head of Sindusfarma Educational Program (PES)

TEG is the very first international partner of Sindusfarma’s international program and will benefit Brazilian students as well as the industry sector. As is the case with the UK, it is common practice in Brazil for employers to subsidize their employee’s studies.  This partnership will ensure that employers are investing in the best UK can offer. TEG London provides career-relevant, high-quality, inclusive higher education alongside innovative, internationally recognised research.

A bit about our new partner: Sindusfarma

Founded in 1933, Sindusfarma is the first business association in São Paulo State’s pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, Sindusfarma has held several important global events discussing technical and scientific knowledge, as well as, relevant topics in healthcare and pharmaceutical innovation. 

It also has a strong presence in the educational sector, through an extensive program of seminars, workshops, and lectures on regulatory, sanitary, economic, technological, and scientific topics. 

Sindusfarma has a membership consisting of companies which produce around 80 percent of all medicines marketed in Brazil and employ approximately 60,000 professionals.