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Students coming to study in the UK have a number of choices when it comes to finding accommodation, and for many, especially those trying to find somewhere while abroad, the process can feel overwhelming. While some universities offer students private accommodation, many require students to find their own. Depending on their needs, personality, and goals, students can choose between finding a private room inside a shared house or flat with roommates, a private flat, or a host family accommodation. Each of these accommodation types has its own benefits and disadvantages but here’s a bit more information on each one to help you find the perfect place to call home while you complete your studies.   

Where Can I Find Accommodation Information?

Accredited Agents

Letting agents manage properties for private landlords and are responsible for various tasks, from collecting rent and communicating with tenants to ensuring repairs are completed promptly. They can also help tenants find a property that meets all their needs simplifying the process of finding accommodation. There are numerous letting agents out there, so before registering with one, make sure to check that they are registered with one of the UK’s leading accreditation schemes, including NAL Safe Agent, ARLA Propertymark and NAEA Propertymark. 

Accommodation Websites

Another fantastic way to find accommodation is to use an accommodation website. These sites compile the listings from a number of letting agents as well as private landlords or individuals looking for flatmates or to sublet a room, making it incredibly easy to conveniently and quickly view a number of places. There are many accommodation sites you can check out, including Zoopla, OntheMarket, and Rightmove, as well as some dedicated specifically to students like Unite Students and Sanctuary Students or to finding flatmates or spare rooms like SpareRoom. 

Host Families

Host families offer students the unique opportunity of living with a local family while they complete their studies. This can be an excellent option for students looking to learn English or get a better idea of local life and culture. Living with a family also means that students get access to home-cooked meals and other family activities and can live in neighbourhoods they may not be able to afford private accommodation in. HFS London is a great resource for matching students with vetted host families and facilitating the entire process. 

Whether you decide to find accommodation using an accredited agency, accommodation website or a host family, with so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home for the duration of your studies in the UK.


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